Thank you for your contact today. As of 2020, AIM Electronics is no longer involved in the industrial electronics business but has a long history in the industrial electronics field and we want to share some of our history.

AIM Electronics incorporated in December 1985 under the official name of Automated Industrial Maintenance (shortened to AIM) Electronics, Inc. Our company was the result of the purchase of assets and a customer list of Campbell Electronics (Minneapolis). Three of our four (4) original owners began our industrial services division in early 1986, calling on our potential customers. We were offering third-party services to small fabrication and machine shops in the Twin Cities, MN. The division continued to thrive and expand throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, but during the 2007-2010 depression, many of our customers went out of business. Many of the industrial equipment manufacturers left the USA, seeking a work force at lower wages. We did “retool” and began work in the retrofit market for industrial equipment controls. Our business survived through 2019, but our third-party services customers continued to shrink so our Board of Directors decided to close the division.

We thank our original owners and technicians for their excellent work and dedication over the last 35 years. We wish them success in their future endeavors.