Sound Systems

Daktronics Indoor and Outdoor Sound Systems

Whether your stadium seats 1,000 or 100,000 screaming fans, Daktronics Audio offers customers high-quality sound systems which seamlessly integrate with dynamic scoring and video displays in indoor and outdoor sport venues. Experience the refined engineering and unique installation convenience of Daktronics Audio systems to ensure the best performance year after year.


Sportsound® 150

The Sportsound® 150 indoor sound system is a complete system designed to provide audio for a variety of small, indoor facilities. This single-point system is permanently wall-mounted. Providing even coverage throughout the gymnasium, this sound system has the ability to overcome crowd noise. The front, wraparound mesh is perfect for showcasing advertisements or customized graphics.


Sportsound® 500HD

The Sportsound® 500HD is a complete sound system designed to provide high-impact sound reinforcement for a variety of outdoor facilities, including football, lacrosse, soccer, softball and track. The system is installed in a permanent position and provides full range sound and even coverage at levels capable of overcoming crowd noise. The 500HD is designed for smaller sport venues; it is easy to set up and to operate.


Sportsound® 1500HD

The Sportsound® 1500HD sound system is similar to the 500HD system with a single cabinet design that mounts in one location. However, the 1500HD has greater capabilities than the 500HD with a broader coverage pattern and a higher decibel rating, which dramatically increases the performance and typical stadium size.

Sports Arena/Gymnasium Sounds Systems